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California DUI Lawyers

California DUI

When it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) in California, the laws implemented may be considered grave, with the punishment more often than not severe. If in other crimes, there are so called constitution protections for the offenders, in a California DUI, these are not applicable.

Helpful Tips

Being charged with a California DUI can be quite difficult. There may be more than one penalty that a California DUI offender may suffer from. Most people guilty of a California DUI may believe that there will be no reparation for the damages. The truth is that there are some ways to minimize ...

The Costs

There are a lot of consequences that may have to be faced by people guilty of a California DUI. Not only will there be penalties to serve, but also costs associated with being charged with a California DUI. What may be the penalties and costs that may be brought about by the offense of a California DUI?

DMV Penalties

Some California DUI offenders may think that paying fines and being put to jail are the only penalties for drunk driving. What they do not know is that the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can punish those charged with a California DUI in their own way. The California DMV actually has their own penalty system ..

You and our Lawyers will have to get all the facts straight.

DUI Services

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Your Lawyer

Your lawyer should go through these with a fine-toothed comb. He should go over these things with you. He will ask you to read the report and he will ask you to comment if you remember something relative to the matters in the report. He will take notes of your recollections; he will try to get as many facts out of you as he can. Your lawyer should check out and verify the facts. A good DUI lawyer does his homework.

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