California DUI

When it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) in California, the laws implemented may be considered grave, with the punishment more often than not severe. If in other crimes, there are so called constitution protections for the offenders, in a California DUI, these are not applicable.

Learning about the punishment associated with a California DUI may help people become aware that a California DUI is something that will not be tolerated. A California DUI lawyer may be the best person to ask about the criminal penalties for a California DUI. Before going into specific punishment details, a California DUI lawyer may usually start with explaining to you all about the offense for you to understand which actions may cause a person to be charged with California DUI. The offense of a California DUI may actually be a result of drunk driving not only under the influence of alcoholic beverages, but also the combination of both drugs and alcohol when driving.

The so called police opinion testimony may be the best way to confirm that a person may have been guilty of a California DUI. A California DUI lawyer may also mention that the blood-alcohol concentration within your body will be tested and that if a concentration of at least .08% or more is found, then you may also be guilty of a California DUI. The criminal penalties that may arise from a California DUI are usually numerous. Aside from being required to pay fines, people who are charged with a California DUI usually have to serve jail time, experience license suspensions, are put under probation, and may even have their vehicles forfeited. The arrestee, of course has the right to utilize the services of a California DUI lawyer not only for criminal proceedings, but also for the DMV hearings that determine whether the driver’s license will be suspended. There may also be sentence enhancements, wherein specific actions may result to longer sentences imposed on the arrestee.

The most common sentence enhancements in a California DUI are:

  • Having a record of being convicted of a California DUI within a period of 10 years
  • Being in the company of children younger than 14 years of age during the date of California DUI
  • Having a blood-alcohol concentration of more than .15%
  • Saying no to the procedure of chemical testing in relation to California DUI


California DUIs are usually punishable by jail for a period of 4 days to 6 months that may be dependent on the number of times the offense has been committed. A fine may also be collected which can amount to more than $1500. The license of the offender may also be suspended for up to 6 months, with the requirement of attending an approved California DUI school. Some offenders may also be tasked to do community service. Of course, the sentence of these criminal penalties may be increased depending on the gravity of the California DUI offense. Driving under the influence in the state of California is taken very seriously. One of the best ways for people to be reminded of this is for them to realize the grave punishments that may be brought about by California DUI.