The Costs

The Costs and Penalties of a California DUI

There are a lot of consequences that may have to be faced by people guilty of a California DUI. Not only will there be penalties to serve, but also costs associated with being charged with a California DUI. What may be the penalties and costs that may be brought about by the offense of a California DUI?

Some of the most common criminal penalties that may be given to people charged with a California DUI include being put to jail that may even last up to a few years. Of course, the length of the jail sentence depends mostly on the gravity of your California DUI offense, the evidence, the value of alcohol-blood concentration, etc.

Some offenders of a California DUI may also be required by the court to engage in community service related tasks as well as be given driver’s license suspensions by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The duration of the license suspension may last for 4 days, even up to 4 years.

If you think that the punishment for engaging in a California DUI stops when you have served your jail time, have served suspension, etc. then you may have to learn that there are also many expenses for being arrested for a California DUI. First, you may be required to pay a fine of not more than $1600. People charged with a California DUI may also be required to attend DUI and alcohol schools and programs. Attending those classes is not something that is free as you may have to pay up to a $1000 in tuition.

Other fees related to a California DUI may have to do with auto insurance premiums. Most of the insurance companies today charge you with very high premiums once you have a record of a California DUI.

People may also have to be aware that hiring a California DUI lawyer to handle your case also means the need to be financially prepared for paying attorney’s fees, and other costs. The better the qualifications and also the experience of your California DUI lawyer, the higher the costs. The gravity of your offense in a California DUI may also make the fees bigger as that may mean that the California DUI lawyer has to work harder to increase the chances of gaining a positive outcome from your California DUI case.

A California DUI lawyer may have to be paid big fees. Note that the fees indicated are inclusive of the attendance of your California DUI lawyer in both the criminal court hearing and the California DMV hearing:

For the first offense, expect a fee amounting to $1500 up to $5000. For the second offense of a California DUI, fees starting at $2500 up to $7500 may have to be paid. A third offense may require you to shell out $5000-$15000 and may even result to felony charges.

Being found guilty of a California DUI may result to very serious punishments and also eat up a big chunk of your savings. People may also have to realize that aside from the penalties and fees associated with a California DUI, criminal records automatically result from being guilty.